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The Outlook for the Construction Industry – Wednesday

Welcome to a trilogy of conferences which we hope will inspire leaders in various construction roles to innovate and make informed choices. The opening conference, held on the main stage in Hall B at 10:00, will give participants an insight into the trends and future awaiting construction industry leaders in the years ahead

Global trends, societal development and the future by Kjell A. Nordström

Kjell A. Nordström is a Swedish economist, lecturer and author who is recognised as a leading researcher and adviser to multinational companies on the global market.

Kjell A. Nordström

Kjell A. Nordstrøm
Kjell A. Nordstrøm

The world’s most sustainable building, EDGE Olympic

Cees van der Spek represents one of Europe’s most forward-looking property development companies, Edge Tech, which has constructed “the world’s most sustainable building” – EDGE Olympic in Amsterdam. Edge Tech is designed to be “net zero by 2050” and is spearheading developments in this area.

Cees van der Spek, Public Affairs & Global Corporate Relations Director

Cees van der Spek - Biography - EDGE
Cees van der Spek, Public Affairs & Global Corporate Relations Director

Refurbishment is the latest trend. Making old buildings as good as new

Director of the Norwegian Directorate for Cultural Heritage, Hanna Geiran, is keen to learn how we can adopt new methods and upgrade existing buildings to meet contemporary standards. We will also hear from Møller Eiendom’s Concept and Development Director, Siri Løining, who is responsible for the refurbishment of the Deichman Library.

The construction industry’s circular economy

The Circular Gap Report reveals that Norway is lagging far behind many comparable countries. So why is this? Is the construction industry ready to meet the EU’s requirements? Alexander Christiansen, CEO of Circular Norway, presents key findings from the report and asks why countries like the Netherlands are so far ahead of Norway.

The construction industry can help find a solution for energy shortages 

“Power Industry Woman of the Year 2022”, Anne Sagstuen Nysæther, is CEO of Elvia. Her company, just like other businesses and households everywhere, needs to cut its electricity consumption. Here she spotlights the need for energy efficiency and renewable electricity production.

Anne Sagstuen Nysæther_Foto_Lars_Martin__Bo (1)

Future resource shortages and needs 

How are we going to recruit the right people to fill the various work roles? Maalfrid Brath, Regional Managing Director at ManpowerGroup, will shine a light on the future labour market and identify important focus areas for construction industry leaders.

Maalfrid Brath, Regional Managing Director at ManpowerGroup

Maalfrid Brath
Maalfrid Brath, Administrerende direktør i ManpowerGroup

Are AI and technology the solution to everything?

We KNOW that we have to work smarter and more efficiently to achieve our goals. We KNOW that the construction industry has to cut emissions and waste. We KNOW that buildings need to be more energy-efficient and we KNOW that the quality and productivity of construction processes is improving. How can we benefit from AI technology in this context? Morten Goodwin, Professor and AI specialist, will share his knowledge, citing relevant examples from the construction industry.

Morten Goodwin, photo Christoffer Krook

Morten Goodwin_foto_ChristofferKrook
Morten Goodwin, foto Christoffer Krook

The construction industry has the KNOWLEDGE, ABILITY and DESIRE.  But how will we get things done? 

The construction industry is ready to contribute to emissions reductions and energy-efficiency measures. However, we are encountering increasingly demanding framework conditions and there is a lack of financial incentives to stimulate suitable measures. The government has proposed a climate cooperation, but what does the industry stand to gain from such a pledge? CEO of the Federation of Norwegian Construction Industries, Nina Solli, will give a report on “the state of the nation”.

Nina Solli, CEO of the Federation of Norwegian Construction Industries (BNL)

Nina Solli
Nina Solli, Administrerende direktør i Byggenæringen Landsforening (BNL)

How will we finance these major changes? 

The Energy Commission’s report wants “More of everything – faster”. However, adapting to new daily routines will cost money for both the general public and businesses. In the past, we have found that suitable incentives have helped drive an “Electric car revolution”. How can the financial sector encourage widespread public support for energy-efficiency measures? CEO of Finance Norway, Kari Olrud Moen, will ask whether there is a willingness to finance, and the means to implement, both energy efficiency measures and emissions reductions simultaneously.

What do politicians think about the road ahead? How will we get there?

Framework conditions and political will. Given that the construction industry’s contributions benefit the general public, the climate, the environment and the Norwegian economy, surely it’s just a matter of stepping up the pace? Erna Solberg is parliamentary leader and parliamentary representative for the Norwegian Conservative Party. She has recently published the book “The way forward”, in which she outlines her vision for next 45 years. Are we really ready for what transitioning away from the hyper-profitable oil industry will involve? What will happen when those in work have to support an ever increasing, older population ? Or when our technological lead is overtaken by other countries?  

Erna Solberg

Erna Solberg
Erna Solberg

Award ceremony, the Construction Industry’s Honorary Award 

The opening conference will conclude with the presentation of the Construction Industry’s Honorary Award for 2023.

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