Nye medarbeidere i Bygg Reis Deg ASFra venstre Even Grønboengen, Gunnar Glavin Nybø og Stine Grande.

The most important fair in Bygg Reis Deg’s history

Bygg Reis Deg has existed since 1954 as the construction industry's most important meeting place. Here, employees in the construction industry and the construction-interested public met to orientate themselves, and be inspired by the latest innovative product news, new construction solutions and new technology.

Over the past two years, the industry has experienced the most drastic change in recent history. We have not had the opportunity to meet to either exchange experiences or share knowledge in the same way as before. Therefore, it is with extra enthusiasm that I can now welcome you to the largest physical fair since the reopening of Norway!

New this year is that we adjust our opening hours to meet the desire to get the professional visitors in the door an hour earlier (at 09.00), and facilitate that the audience interested in construction has a long day on Thursday with opening hours until. 20:00, in addition to a whole Saturday with a focus on consumers.

This year will also be the fifth time we invite to our development arena – The Norwegian Construction Meeting. This is a free development arena for all the 350,000 employees in the construction industry, and consumers who want to find out about the latest in various categories. The meeting is presented as a series of seminars and conferences in the period 20-23 October at the Norwegian Trade Fair. You will find the various scenes in hall A and the posts will be distributed at Bygg Reis Deg – Digital fair which you will find on our website www.byggreisdeg.no

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Opening hours 20.-23. October 202109.00 – 18.00 Wednesday09.00 – 20.00 Thursday09.00 – 18.00 Friday 10.00 – 18.00 Saturday ArrivalBygg Reis Deg is held at arrangeres


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