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The Construction Industry’s Green Contributions – Thursday

The government’s action plan for energy efficiency

State Secretary, Elisabeth Sæther, presents the Norwegian government’s action plan. The plan outlines how the government will satisfy the demands in the Energy Commission’s report for “More of everything – faster”

State Secretary, Elisabeth Sæther

Statssekretær Elisabeth Sæther
Statssekretær Elisabeth Sæther

Are the construction industry’s energy-efficiency measures the cheapest and simplest way to achieve our goals? 

Mobilising popular support for energy-efficiency measures for buildings and housing offers enormous potential. In addition, analyses show that the large-scale roll-out of solar thermal collectors, heat pumps and batteries could have a huge impact too. SINTEF Executive President, Siri Hunnes Blakstad and Partner at Rystad Energy, Lars Lysdahl, will summarise what we know today.

Lars Lysdahl, Partner Consulting at RystadEnergy

Lars Lysdahl, Partner Consulting i RystadEnergy

The Construction Industry’s Green Contributions

Heikki Holmås, CEO of the Norwegian Contractors Association – Building and Construction (EBA), will present an extract from the Federation of Norwegian Construction Industries’ “energy efficiency menu”, which sets out proposed measures within regulations, finance, information and expertise.

AF Gruppen’s Executive Vice President for Construction, Energy and the Environment, Eirik Wraal, will cite specific examples highlighting the progress being made in reducing emissions. Finally, we will learn about a major German player’s approach to energy-efficiency measures and climate adaptations from Dr. Thomas Schlenker, Senior Vice President, Digitalisation & Sustainability at Schüco.

Eirik Wraal, Executive Vice President for Construction, Energy and the Environment at AF Gruppen

Eirik Wraal
Eirik Wraal, konserndirektør for bygg, energi og miljø i AF Gruppen

What do property developers and homeowners think about energy efficiency? 

Julija Pauriene and Frode Bovim from USBL and Morten Andreas Meyer, Secretary General of the National Federation of House Owners in Norway, will highlight what they consider to be the most important measures when it comes to saving electricity, increasing the production of renewable energy and, most importantly, more sustainable buildings and housing.

There are many ways to achieve alternative energy-efficiency measures – solar shading

Could solar shading really be as effective as other passive energy-efficiency measures? The Norwegian Solar Shading Association believes they have stumbled on a valuable secret. Anders Hall, Max Tilberg, Oskar Storm and Krister Nekstad invite you to attend a separate conference later in the day to learn more.

What do politicians think?

We will conclude the conference with a political debate.

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