Terms and regulations 2023

Payment terms

Registration and administration fee are paid upon registration.

1 December 2022, 50% of the stand rent is paid with a deduction for registration and administration fees if the exhibitor has registered before 1 May 2022.

May 15, 2023, the last 50% of the stand rent is paid.

Guidelines for possible cancellations

In any case, the registration fee will not be refunded. In the event of a deregistration after 1.12.2022, 50% of invoiced stand rent will be refunded. In the event of deregistration after 1.03.2023, the requirement for full settlement for the ordered number of m2 is maintained. No refunds will be given.


1. Bygg Reis Deg is an open international trade fair that shows professionals and the public modern materials, equipment, services and expertise for buildings, installations, houses, and holiday homes.

2. The following are entitled to attend the exhibition: Manufacturers, wholesalers, dealers, importers and agents, consultants, contractors, and institutions connected to the building trade.

3. Bygg Reis Deg is a sales and promotional exhibition. It provides opportunities for orders and contracts.

4. Registration are submitted electronically on our website.

Registration will be confirmed once the form has been completed/signed and the regulations accepted. Each form shall only apply to one (1) exhibitor. When participating in a joint stand, each exhibitor must fill in a separate registration form and pay their own registration fee. This gives the right to a marketing / exhibitor list on the organizer’s website as well as a place in the trade fair catalogue that is distributed before and during the trade fair.

Registration is binding. The organizer decides whether the registration is approved or not. The organizer does not provide reimbursement for any errors in exhibitor lists and exhibition catalogue.

5. There is ongoing registration. If an exhibitor has not contacted the organizer with a change or cancellation, the order is considered final after 1.12.2022. The organizer reserves the right to terminate the registration if the fair should be fully booked before this date. The organizer also reserves the right to adjust the reported area +/- 2 m2. Changes beyond this are agreed in accordance with the exhibitor’s wishes.

6. Possible space will be allocated in appropriate category and hall.

7. Stand fees will be calculated in accordance to the following rates:

Indoor stand:

12 – 49 sqm. kr. 2.700 per sqm

50 – 99 sqm. kr. 2.640 per sqm

100 sqm. and larger kr. 2.590 per sqm

Outdoor Stand:

Kr. 845, – per sqm

Registration fee per. exhibits NOK 6.800 ex VAT

VAT will be charged as required by the Norwegian Tax Administration. Minimum area is 9 sqm. For more information and to order a stand, go to www.byggreisdeg.no

8. Payment terms

The registration fee must be paid as soon as the registration has been approved and the exhibitor has received the invoice.
For exhibitors who have registered before May 1, 2022, paid the registration fee, and who have not cancelled their registration, the paid registration fee will be refunded. The reduction will appear on the first invoice which is due for payment December 10, 2022.

The stand fee is to be paid in 2 – two – equal instalments. The first one will be due for payment December 15, 2022 and the second one will be due for payment May 30, 2023.
Terms of payment: 15 days from date of invoice.

Monthly interest on overdue payments will be charged at current rates.

If an exhibitor has not contacted the organizer with a change or cancellation, the order is considered final after 1.12.2022. In the event of a reduction in the number of m2, no refund will be given after this date unless the organizer finds it necessary to change the number of m2 in accordance with adjustments in accordance with the drawing.

In the event of non-payment within set deadlines, this gives the organizer the right to consider this place vacant and resell it.

9. Guidelines for possible cancellations:

The registration fee will not be refunded under any circumstances. The stand fee will be refunded with 50% if the cancellation is done before December 1, 2022. If cancellation is made after this date the exhibitor will not be entitled to a refund and will be charged full stand fee for the ordered number of sqm.
Failure to make payment shall be regarded as cancellation and the general guidelines under this item will then apply.

10. Exhibitors will not need to pay for entries in the alphabetical product register. The organizer will be responsible for designing the product register.

11. Subletting of exhibition space is in any case not permitted. It is possible to collaborate with other suppliers, but then for goods and services that fall within the fair’s subject area. For co-exhibitors, the same regulations apply as for all exhibitors. Co-exhibitors must pay a registration fee to have their name included in the marketing material.

12. Only goods and services that have been registered can be displayed at the exhibition. Goods must not be removed from stands without a written consent of the organize

13. Posters, etc. cannot be put up in the exhibition area without special permission from the organizer. Product samples and advertising materials can only be handed out from exhibitors’ own stands.

14. The appointed dates relating to stand layouts and binding orders for telecommunications equipment, water and sewerage, etc. must be complied with. The organizer reserves the right to take appropriate action and make the final decision in case of any conflicts or disagreements between exhibitors.

The exhibitor is responsible for familiarizing himself with the technical details of his own stand, any fires, poles and the like. (See especially points 3, 4 and 5 in the regulations of the Norwegian Trade Fair). We refer to NOVA Spektrum’s own regulations which constitute part of these regulations.

15. Demonstrations, distribution of product samples and the use of tapes, films, videos, etc. must be reported to the organizer, and the organizer’s rules relating to the use of such aids must be carefully adhered to. The use of megaphones or microphones will not be permitted unless otherwise is agreed upon.

16. Exhibitors shall be responsible for any damage they cause to buildings, furnishing and installations. Any instructions issued by the organizer and the authorities must be carefully adhered to. If the weight of any goods or equipment exceeds 500 kg per sq. m., this should be indicated on the registration form. Exhibitors must cover the cost of any bases or reinforcements that are required. In some halls or parts of some halls stands can be erected as two-level structures or with ceiling/covering which must have sprinklers and be approved by the organizer in advance. If the height of a stand exceeds standard wall height (2,5 m), its layout must be approved by the organizer and neighboring stands in advance. We refer to Nova Spektrum`s own regulations which constitute part of these regulations.

17. The organizer shall be responsible for general security with effect from the time assembly commences until stands have been dismantled, but will not be responsible for any exhibited goods, equipment or property of third parties. Exhibitors shall be responsible for organizing their own insurance.

18. Exhibitors shall be responsible for organizing their own transport, packing, assembly, disassembly and removal of goods and decorations. All goods intended for exhibitors must be clearly marked with the exhibitor’s name and stand number.

19. The organizer shall be responsible for cleaning public areas and for the general daily cleaning of stands. Extra cleaning will need to be ordered and will be carried at the exhibitor’s expense. Once a stand has been dismantled it should be left clean and free of decorations, nails and bases, etc. In the event of any neglect, the organizer reserves the right to tidy things up at the exhibitor’s expense.

20. Should it not be possible to hold the event because of war, revolution, strikes or other circumstances over which the parties have no control, none of the parties involved shall be entitled to make claims against each other. Any fees paid shall be repaid after deductions have been made for any accrued costs. If, after it has opened, the event is interrupted due to force majeure, any repayments will be reduced proportionally in accordance with the number of days during which the event was open out of the planned number of days.

20. Any registration is considered bound by these regulations, regardless of whether any reservations have been made. The organizer decides any disputes about the understanding of these regulations.

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